The cod and haddock we serve at Lloyds have come from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as being sustainable. This is important in order to ensure the livelihood and future existence of these creatures, and to make sure these fine fish are not fished into extinction.
In addition to sourcing sustainable fish, we are also looking at others ways to limit the impact we have on the world. Here are just a few things are currently in the process of doing.

  • We segregate the majority of our waste and recycle what the Local Authority permits, including cans, paper cardboard and plastics.
  • We recycle our used cooking oils with a local biodiversity user who converts it to bio fuel for vehicles.
  • Reducing deliveries to once a week from suppliers to reduce C02 emissions and our carbon footprint
  • We are in the process of replacing current lighting with highly efficient LED lighting.
  • We fry on a high efficiency modern gas range which is regularly serviced to maintain its peak performance
  • We filter our cooking oils at least daily to maintain it at its optimum efficiency.
  • This year we have cut down on the number of fridges and freezers we operate to improve our energy efficiency.
  • In accordance with the Welsh Assembly Governments initiative, we only use carrier bags at request. Payment for Carrier bags normally goes direct to Cancer Research UK in support of one of our regulars.
  • We use mostly biodegradable or recyclable packaging, We hope to use only this sort of packaging in the near future.
  • We are committed trying to buy from local manufacturers and suppliers to help sustainable growth of local businesses and the local economy. This also has the added benefit of limiting fuel consumption and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We minimise the number of flyers we print to reduce waste