Fish and chips may be a lot healthier than you think. Here at Lloyds it is the way that we take our raw ingredients from the potato fields and sea to be delivered on your plates, that ensures the healthiest and freshest option. This is achieved by using the best ingredients, the way we prepare our ingredients, and by the oils and temperature by which we fry. All these factors combine to create the healthier choice that Lloyds provides for you!


Nutritional Values – Tests carried out by Celtic Food Laboratories Ltd. 18/07/2012.

* Total Fat per 100g 7.5g (of which saturates per 100g 3.7g)

* Protein per 100g 12.6g

* Carbohydrate per 100g 17.65g

* Energy-Calories per 100g 192kcal

* Energy per 100g 805kj

* Total sugars per 100g 0.45g

* Sodium per 100g 63mg

* Dietary Fibre per 100g 1.65g

If you compare our nutritional values against other takeaway options, you can see Lloyds really is the healthy option!


Amount of calories p/100g (kj) Average Fat Content p/100g (g)

Lloyds Cod & Chips 805 7.5

*¼ lb Cheese Burger & Chips 890 13.3

*Doner Kebab 924 16.2

*Chicken Korma 910 15.5

*McCance & Widdowson’s, 6th Summary Edition *Fish & Chip shop ‘takeaway’ samples, Seafish 2005.

As our products are prepared fresh on site every day the nutritional values shown are averages.