Our Food

At Lloyds, the reason why our food tastes so good is the attention to detail and dedication that goes into each plate of food that goes out. The key to our success is using the finest raw ingredients we can get our hands on.


Our cod is frozen at sea, usually from the ice cold waters of the Faroe Islands, to make sure all goodness and flavour of the fish is sealed in at the source. We only buy and sell cod from responsible and sustainable fisheries who understand the importance of management of these stocks for the future of the resource. It is then hand cut and boned on site, before being fried to order in our light and crispy batter (a secret recipe for over 65 years!).


Our chips are made from 100% British potatoes, come in straight from the field before our professional rumblers get their hands on them. Our supplier makes sure we get the best possible spud available, as only the best spuds make the best chips. The type of potato we use is dependent upon the season, but even if we have to pay a more, we always get the best as this is the only way we can be assured of the quality. To give the best flavour, and healthiest outcome, we chop our chips fat, which means less oil is absorbed during the cooking compared to skinny chips. 15.5g/100g of fat in French fries compared to 5.3g/100g for our healthier (and much tastier) chips!


We source our meats from local farms and butcheries, so we can trace everything that arrives on your plate right back to the paddock! This way we know that the meat we are serving is not only quality local Welsh produce, but also tastes the best!